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  • 44% of retail leaders fear they don’t have enough staff to handle the next e-commerce rush
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44% of retail leaders fear they don’t have enough staff to handle the next e-commerce rush

  • Over half of retail respondents in UK and US fear service levels will decline due to staffing difficulties
  • Order fulfillment reported as top concern, followed by internal budget constraints hampering customer experience

London, July 18, 2022: 44% of retail leaders say they do not have enough staff to support the upcoming peak season and need to increase staff. That’s according to new data from Delivery Experience Platform sortedwhich found that retail operations and customer service managers feel they are understaffed in the impending rush into e-commerce, with 52% fearing service levels will drop as a result.

The survey, which involved 500 retail leaders in the UK and US, revealed that 50% of respondents say employee shortages will make the retail peak season a difficult time. When asked what the biggest concerns were, order fulfillment was ranked number one. As fears of a recession grew, this was closely followed by internal budget constraints threatening the customer experience. We also identified declines in customer satisfaction, an increase in WISMO (where’s my order) inquiries and handling an influx of returns.

Unsurprisingly, three-quarters of respondents expect WISMO to increase more than 10% during the peak season, while more than half think it will increase more than 20%.

The research also revealed that 37% of respondents believe peak season will be busier than any other, perhaps due to the importance of discounts as costs rise. To meet demand, 48% plan to address the customer contact center rush by hiring more staff, while 47% plan to provide customers with more self-service information on their orders.

Carmen Carey, CEO of Sorted, commented: “Potential staff shortages, with the peak season just around the corner, could present unwelcome challenges for retailers this year. Peak is often a time when retailers are spending the most on customer service personnel, to accommodate the influx of seasonal WISMO and WISMR inquiries, so the additional challenges related to customer service and the customer delivery experience will be worrying for many. Ensuring that proactive measures are in place, including regular communication with customers about delivery status, will provide a strong line of defense to preserve a positive delivery experience. At a time when inflation is skyrocketing, competition is high, and brand loyalty can be fragile if not actively managed, putting extra effort into customer engagement is crucial. With the right data and customer support tools, consumers can be satisfied while retailers reap the benefits of efficient and cost-effective operations. Preparation and investment now will help ensure a great peak experience for the future. »


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