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A New Hybrid Gateway with G.hn Backhaul Unveiled by MaxLinear and Microchip Technology for Versatile Smart Grid Use Cases

Frankfurt, Germany, December 01, 2022: Electric utilities can now provide real-time data on electricity consumption with hybrid gateways that integrate G.hn Powerline (PLC) technology as a broadband backhaul for a full range of proven technologies, according to tests by MaxLinear and Microchip Technology .

This Proof of Concept (PoC) was jointly developed by HomeGrid Forum member MaxLinear, a leading provider of multi-gigabit connectivity solutions, and Microchip Technology, a leading provider of intelligent, connected and secure embedded control solutions. Both sides have compiled a highly integrated hybrid solution with different transceivers, capable of supporting three main use cases of Smart Grid implementations:

  • Backhaul G.hn PLC Broadband + Fronthaul PRIME/G3 PLC-NarrowBand
  • Backhaul G.hn PLC Broadband + Fronthaul PRIME/G3 Hybrid (PLC-NarrowBand and RF)
  • Backhaul G.hn PLC Broadband + Fronthaul Zigbee

This initiative is part of the continuous drive by The HomeGrid Ecosystem Forum to Develop Revolutionary G.hn-Based Infrastructure for the Future of Smart Grids and Smart Cities.

Livia Rosu, president of HomeGrid Forum, expanded on the evidence, “As G.hn has been recognized by the Smart Grid industry as one of the most robust and future-proof technologies, our members have joined their R&D forces to launch innovative solutions designed to accelerate intelligent grid infrastructure deployments. The Hybrid Gateway PoC highlights the versatile networking capabilities of G.hn technology to support extended coverage and capitalize on previously installed smart meter nodes.”

Dr. Len Dauphinee, Vice President and CTO of Broadband Products at MaxLinear added, “The hybrid solution leverages wired and wireless technologies to deliver state-of-the-art connectivity to electric utilities driving the energy transition coupled with digitalization. This level of innovation ensures the robustness and reliability of the Smart Grid. We are excited to support electric utilities to capitalize on their legacy investments and technologies by providing the ultimate bridge to broadband backhaul. »

Rod Drake, Vice President of Microchip’s MCU32 Business Unit, said, “The PoC platform offers multiple transceiver solutions including PRIME Narrowband, G3-PLC Narrowband, RF interface, Zigbee and G.hn PLC Broadband backhaul to ensure fast and reliable communication. real-time between smart meters and utility headquarters. The modular design of the Hybrid Gateway offers resourceful interfaces for all network segments as needed. »

The hybrid gateway is fully backwards compatible with G.hn-only, PRIME-only, G3-PLC-only, ZigBee-only, and power grid RF-only devices, providing extended network coverage for already deployed infrastructure that needs an accelerated upgrade of the network.

Representatives from MaxLinear and Microchip will unveil the PoC at the ENLIT Europe exhibition in Frankfurt from November 29 to December 1, 2022, where the Hybrid Gateway will be exhibited at Microchip booth 12.1.F150. For more information about ENLIT Europe, visit the site https://www.enlit-europe.com/welcome.

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