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Growing anxiety among homebuyers as banks fail to meet customers’ calling needs

London, 7 November 2022 – Infinity, the global call intelligence and voice analytics platform, can today reveal that it has seen a significant increase in calls to financial services institutions using its platform in connection with rising interest rates in the UK.

During the week ending September 25, following Kwasi Kwarteng’s mini-budgeting, data from Infinity shows there was a 20% increase in calls from anxious customers seeking vital information about their finances.

Warren Newbert, CEO of Infinity

The skyrocketing calls around interest rates and, consequently, mortgage payments, underscores customers’ financial concerns. The Bank of England has now raised interest rates to 3% and expects the UK to fall into its longest-lasting recession. In response, banks must prepare their customer service teams to deliver an exceptional customer experience by supporting those who have it. » Warren Newbert, CEO, Infinity She said.

To best serve the growing number of calls, Infinity recommends that financial services institutions take the following measures:

Focus on empathy: Brands should consider investing in tools that can give them real-time insight into how call agents are handling calls. In doing so, organizations identify techniques such as tone of voice needed to deal with customers concerned about making refunds. Brands can further train staff, based on conversation analytics, to ensure customer questions are answered positively and helpfully.

Improve call handling times: Calls are one of the few direct points of contact customers have with their bank. After the mini budget, call minutes increased by 21%, proving that the period ahead is critical for financial institutions. By using call intelligence to better train staff and improve communications across other channels, organizations are able to strike the perfect balance between answering customer questions in the contact center efficiently and providing exceptional customer service.

“The Bank of England has said that a recession could last until mid-2024. The coming days will be the prime time for banks to deliver an exemplary calling experience to customers. However, the next couple of years will be a constant race to maintain or establish their reputation as a brand. » Newbert added.

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