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HomeGrid Forum congratulates member Oledcomm on the first space launch of LiFi G.hn

The world’s first integration of a Light Fidelity (LiFi) module on a nanosatellite marks a new era for LiFi technology, HomeGrid Forum said today.

Speaking following SpaceX’s successful launch of the INSPIRE SAT-7 nanosatellite earlier this month in California, HomeGrid Forum Chair Livia Rosu discussed how implementing the SatelLife® module, developed by oledcomm AND LATMOS (Laboratoire Atmosphères, Observations Spatiales) of France – showcases the benefits that LiFi technology can bring to aerospace operations.

“We would like to congratulate Oledcomm, HomeGrid forum member for its major breakthrough in intra-satellite communications and the first launch of LiFi G.hn in space, » said Rosu. « Thanks to the use of the SatelLife® LiFi module, space missions will now benefit from ultra-secure wireless connections and ultra-lightweight. This marks the next stage in the evolution of this technology and we are excited to see the aerospace industry using it for their operations. »

“We are very proud to announce that our SatelLife® product, the first LiFi module ever developed for space applications, has been launched into space by a SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket, integrated into the INSPIRE-SAT 7 nanosatellite.” said Oledcomm chairman and chief executive officer Benjamin Azoulay. « SatelLife® will be launched and tested on several spaceflights during 2023. »

« We have now entered a new era for LiFi and G.hn, » continued Rosu. “These technologies are already playing a crucial role in providing faster, more reliable and more secure connections for everyone, whether implemented in land-based buildings or in the aerospace sector. The nanosatellite will use the Oledcomm SatelLife® module as a demonstrator of the benefits that LiFi technology can bring to aerospace operations. We are honored to have oledcomm AND MaxLinear as members of the HomeGrid Forum, and we are excited to see Oledcomm’s LiFi innovation programs using MaxLinear G.hn chipsets as the foundation for further technology breakthroughs. »

LiFi is a wireless communication technology designed to use the spectrum of light to transmit data instead of radio waves. While other wireless devices found within a satellite are susceptible to radio frequency interference, LiFi technology uses light waves and emitting diodes (LEDs) to send data through the modulation of light at high frequencies. LiFi signals are also confined to a single area which gives you more control over who has access to the transmission. By limiting access to only authorized devices and users, LiFi technology provides secure access, making it the obvious choice for space missions where safety is paramount.

Positioned in low Earth orbit (LEO) and designed for Sun and Earth observations related to climate change studies, INSPIRE SAT-7 has been equipped with a multitude of miniaturized sensors to measure climate variables and test new technological advances. The LiFi demonstrator offers aerospace organizations benefits such as wireless plug-and-play payload integration, reduced satellite installation, reduced interference, improved safety, and lighter weight to ensure successful spacecraft launches.

To see the launch of INSPIRE-SAT 7 by the SpaceX Falcon 9 Transporter-7 mission, please visit: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=F_OEbfFvdeE&t=3s

To view Oledcomm’s solutions by industries and use cases, visit: https://www.oledcomm.net/#lifi-technology

To view Oledcomm’s solutions for aerospace LiFi, visit: https://www.oledcomm.net/solutions/aerospace/

To view HomeGrid Forum’s G.hn broadband connectivity solution through light with LiFi, please visit: https://homegridforum.org/lifi/

To view the HomeGrid Forum LiFi Task Force Dashboard and join meetings, please visit: https://members.homegridforum.org/wg/LiFi-TF/dashboard

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