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How to make a seo netlinking campaign | x-3-x

How to make a seo netlinking campaign?

To attract crawls and naturally increase your site’s ranking in search results, you need to use seo netlinking. It is a referencing technique which consists in exchanging links with another site to exploit its visibility and audience. Here are some steps to follow to make it a success.

Perspective for a seo netlinking campaign

To produce netlinks seo, you still need to have sites to collaborate with. To do this, there’s nothing like online prospecting. Social networks can be particularly useful in this regard. Several SEOs or sites are looking for collaborators to deal with.

You can also register on forums or SEO sites. You will have several bloggers and site managers to choose from that offer different links that you need to analyze.

Or you can just email every site you see on Google. Offer to work together to improve your exposure to both of you. Even those on the front page shouldn’t refuse. It’s a good way to keep their place.

Parse URLs to sort them

However, for a netlinks seo success, you just don’t have to use all the URLs that are offered to you. They will have to be analyzed before confirming the collaboration. In fact, even the quality of the links you place on your site can have a negative impact on your online notoriety.

Some referral tools will be especially useful for checking the quality of the links in question. This is the case with SEMrush, MOZ, etc. You must verify the notoriety of the links and the number of traffic registered by the site.

Consider a few things when evaluating the URLs available to you:

  • The number of clicks recorded by the site daily: is it visible enough?
  • The type of readership the blog or platform reaches: Does it reach your own audience?
  • The themes: are they consistent with your business?
  • The quality of the content: are the backlinks of good quality? Is there no plagiarism? Is the information true?

Create relevant content

After choosing the right links, it remains to create the appropriate content. It is preferable to personally take care of the drafting of the articles that will be used to present your business. This way you avoid false information. It also facilitates collaboration and will help you attract collaborators better.

The quality of the content has an impact on the success of yours netlinks seo. It’s not about writing just for crawls by optimizing anchors. You also need to think about the Internet users who will be interested in the information you offer. Your articles must therefore be truthful and consistent. If you don’t have seo writing skills, entrust the task to professionals.

Check the links you used often

Finally, know that your netlinks seo don’t stop there. Follow the links you have posted frequently. Over the years, they can become extinct for one reason or another.

Which means that you have lost a backlink that leads to your site that you need to replace quickly in order not to lose visibility. Plus, it also means you need to update your links to avoid Google penalties.

Of course, nothing prevents you from turning to professional SEOs for your netlinking SEO campaign. He will take care of each of these steps, ensuring you have the best chance of success. However, in this case, the procedure will no longer be free.