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1684232824 RADOX® EV C upgraded with high voltage flexible cable to facilitate | x-3-x

RADOX® EV-C upgraded with high voltage flexible cable to facilitate the preparation and installation of wiring for electric vehicles

The complexity of electric vehicle (EV) manufacturing often leads to process and quality variations, inefficiencies, and a deterioration in production performance. Due to the complex manufacturing solutions used during production, coupled with an overburdened workforce, extended production times and errors resulting in rework and scrap are commonplace.With the RADOX® EV-C…

List of companies unveiled for global Sedex Sustainability Awards, celebrating improvement and innovation in supply chains

London, February 9, 2023 Sedex, a leader in sustainability data and technology, is pleased to announce the shortlist for their Global Sustainability Awards. Celebrating companies driving improvements in their supply chains, the awards recognize innovation, progress and leadership in the ESG (environmental, social and governance) arena. Across submissions from six…