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neXat expands further east with KT SAT partnership

May 17, 2023neXat has partnered with KT SAT offer the South Korean satellite operator a full suite of managed services and gain access to its coverage in Asia.

KT SAT – a subsidiary of KT Corporation and one of South Korea’s largest telecommunications companies – will use the neXat platform to augment its service portfolio.

neXat expands further east with KT SAT partnership

neXat expands further east with KT SAT partnership

This includes vouchers and other quota-based services, such as Fair Use and Fair Access Policy (FAP and FUP), which cannot be offered natively by an iDirect hub. This allows KT SAT to add new products to its existing service portfolio.

“With this partnership, KT SAT will be able to provide a managed service for our customers in the region, especially in Indochina and Southeast Asia. We hope to reach more service partners in local and remote locations through this platform,” said Daniel Kim, KT SAT managing director for global and maritime operations.

neXat will benefit from the addition of another key satellite operator to its platform, broadening the capacity coverage and portfolio of satellite services that its partners can access.

Rajeev Nair, Senior VP APAC at neXat, said: “We are delighted to add KT SAT to our list of valued partners. We are seeing more and more satellite companies realizing the benefits of the neXat platform and the services it offers while overcoming some limitations with zero CAPEX. We look forward to building on this relationship and expanding further as more features are likely to be developed on the neXat platform as products for KT SAT.”

The partnership will use the Koreasat-5A satellite and iDirect technology on the Ku band.

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About neXat
neXat is changing the way the satellite connectivity business is done.

Its disruptive flagship platform neXat, the world’s first satellite aggregation system, serves as a capacity broker connecting teleporters with new customers and markets. Through this model, neXat is creating a ‘network of satellite networks’.

The neXat company was founded in 2011 and is an award-winning satellite service provider headquartered in Brussels, Belgium, providing innovative solutions worldwide to satellite operators, teleportation and hub operators, government and corporate bodies and ISPs.

Active in 50 countries and already connected to more than 15 teleports and 25 satellites, the neXat PaaS offering is a virtual OSS/BSS with competitive resilience, security and quality features. It enables teleport and hub operators to offer the full range of neXat’s value-added services to their customers and provides classic and packaged connectivity services through their ISP network or directly to end users.

neXat seamlessly delivers a comprehensive portfolio of reliable satellite services to its demanding high-end satellite service customers through an easy-to-use eMarketplace.

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About KT SAT
Since the establishment of Kumsan Satellite Service Center in 1970, KT SAT (wholly owned by KT) has led the Korean telecommunication and broadcasting industry for more than 50 years in Asia. KT SAT deploys a total of five satellites to provide personalized user services and global connectivity over Asia, the Middle East and Africa. KOREASAT reaches most regions where customers need high-performance connectivity, covering Asia to Africa with C-band Hemi Beam and providing regional ultra-high-power Ku-band beam in Southeast Asia and the Sub-Saharan Africa. Leveraging its abundant experience and expertise as a global satellite operator, KT SAT has recently established a space data business focusing on satellite imagery and analysis. Besides that, as part of its strategy to become a multi-orbit satellite provider, KT SAT has also invested in US-based startup Mangata Networks in 2022.

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