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offshore or local, which one to choose?

In the modern digital world, the strategic importance of well-structured web content is undeniable. To implement such a strategy, choosing an appropriate expert is crucial. So who to choose: an offshore web editor or a local editor?

The cheap option: advantages and disadvantages of the offshore web editor

The greatest attraction of an offshore web editor, for example, in Madagascar, lies in the considerable economic advantages it offers. With fares well below those charged in French-speaking countries, the potential savings are substantial. A 50-75% cost reduction can be achieved by hiring a writing agency in Madagascar. It is an economy tied to its status as a developing country.

But offshore is not just about the financial economy. The proficiency of offshore writers is constantly improving. Whether writing product factsheets, blog posts or press releases, these professionals are capable of producing an impressive variety of textual content. By choosing outsourcing, you will benefit from quality content at competitive prices. All while increasing your production capacity and the flexibility of your operations.

The choice of the local: advantages and disadvantages of the local web editor

Compared to content produced abroad, the work of a local web editor offers significant qualitative differences. A local copywriter, especially a French one, can write impactful texts with a distinctive tone and optimized for the web. She will meet the specific standards of web writing and bring that « French touch » so sought after by clients.

However, it must be taken into account that the cost of web writing in France and most European countries can be prohibitive. Rates can reach €150 for 250 words and go up to €800 for 2000 words.

It is because of these high prices that many French-speaking companies are considering outsourcing to Madagascar. The same goes for other offshore destinations, which offer a variety of benefits.

The final choice: offshore or local?

Choosing between a local web editor and an offshore web editor depends on several factors. It can include your specific requirements and budget. If you are looking for a cheap web designer, but competent, the offshore option can be an interesting solution. However, if budget is not a constraint. If, on the other hand, you value a distinct local feel, a local web editor might be an ideal choice.

The key is to accurately assess your needs and expectations. If most of your audience is French speaking. If you want to convey a culturally familiar tone, the added value of a local copywriter might be worth the extra investment. They will intuitively understand the nuances of language and culture. Which can add an extra layer of richness and relevance to your content.

However, if your main goal is to produce a large amount of original and optimized web content, without taxing your budget too much, the offshore option may be the way to go. Plus, by working with an offshore copywriter, you help support the development of skills and jobs in growing economies.

In summary, choosing between a local web editor and an offshore web editor is not a decision to be taken lightly. The latter requires a careful analysis of your needs, your budget and the specific benefits that each option can offer. The important thing is to strike a balance between the quality of the content, the cost of writing, and the ability to effectively achieve your specific content goals.

It’s vital to remember that whatever you choose, the important thing is to establish good communication and trust with your writer. This is the key to getting content that accurately reflects your vision and goals.