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  • Pantacor Joins Broadband Forum as Lead Member, Launches First Any-Device, Any-Manufacturer Containerized App Store and Management Platform for Legacy and Modern Lightweight Edge Devices
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Pantacor Joins Broadband Forum as Lead Member, Launches First Any-Device, Any-Manufacturer Containerized App Store and Management Platform for Legacy and Modern Lightweight Edge Devices

  • Deploy a simple management and application services solution for every smart edge gateway device, from legacy to modern
  • Experience cloud-native, open source, containerized management and monetizable app store
  • The best applications and value-added services sought by today’s end customers

LONDON, ENGLAND – December 13, 2022 – Pantacor today announced its first “any device, any manufacturer” containerized app store and service management solution specifically designed for lightweight edge devices, from legacy to modern. To reinforce its commitment to align with the upcoming WT-492 software-based architecture for the App-Enabled Services Gateway Design Principles standard and actively contribute its extensive field experience, Pantacor has joined the Broadband Forum as a core member.

Pantacor’s announcement comes in collaboration with industry and chipset and edge premise device manufacturers who are members of the Broadband Forum in response to calls from operators to break down traditional extensibility and hardware lifecycle maintenance challenges to provide a single solution, a modern cloud-native remote management and app store capabilities for every device, from legacy to modern, regardless of manufacturer.

“We have heard two things loud and clear from the service provider (CSP) community: one, provide us with a platform that delivers modern containerized management to every edge device, regardless of manufacturer, chipset or generation, and two, provide us with a an easily deployable, monetizable app store that developers will flock to and customers will love.We are thrilled to formally partner with Broadband Forum and its component members to help lead the direction of the WT-492 specification and build on Broadband Forum’s groundbreaking USP [TR-369] protocol and TR-069, while continuing to evolve Pantacor’s offerings in line with the top priorities of our partner community,” said Ricardo Mendoza, co-founder and CEO of Pantacor.

« We are delighted to welcome Pantacor as a core member of the Broadband Forum and look forward to their input into our Broadband User Services (BUS) workspace, » said Craig Thomas, vice president of strategic marketing and business development at Broadband Forum. “By collaborating with other technology vendors and app and service provider members in the BUS workspace, Pantacor will ensure that Pantacor can implement its innovative solutions to help accelerate the evolution of WT-492 and future enabled services standards for apps ».

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About Pantacor
As an actively contributing member of the Linux CSP and open source communities, Pantacor embraces its important role at the intersection of innovation and collaboration and is powered by solving your challenges.

To learn more about how Pantacor can help you boost your device ecosystem revenue and deliver next-generation services that delight your customers, contact us at https://pantacor.com/bbf Today.

Information on the broadband forum
The Broadband Forum is the communications industry’s premier open standards development organization focused on accelerating innovation, standards and the development of the broadband ecosystem. Our Members’ Passion: Delivering on the promise of broadband by enabling smarter, faster broadband networks and a thriving broadband ecosystem.

The Broadband Forum is an open, non-profit industry organization made up of the industry’s leading broadband operators, vendors, thought leaders who are shaping the future of broadband, and observers closely following our progress. His work to date has been the foundation for global broadband proliferation and innovation. For example, the Forum’s flagship TR-069 CPE WAN management protocol has nearly 1 billion installations worldwide.

Broadband Forum projects span 5G, Connected Home, Cloud and Access. Its working groups collaborate to define best practices for global networks, enable new services that generate revenue and content delivery, establish technology migration strategies, and design critical devices, services and development management tools in the IP network infrastructure home and business. We develop multiservice broadband packet network specifications covering architecture, device and service management, software data models, interoperability and certification in the broadband market.

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