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The advantages of choosing e invoicing | x-3-x

The advantages of choosing e-invoicing

The dematerialization of invoices has become commonplace in many companies. This represents a considerable saving of time and money and above all helps to make the various document filing procedures and above all commercial operations more fluid. By switching to electronic invoicing, you will therefore be able to benefit from numerous and significant advantages. But what exactly is electronic invoicing and why resort to this new practice?

Focus on the elements of the answer to this problem.

Definition of electronic invoicing

The electronic invoice represents dematerialized invoicing. That said, businesses that turn to this practice are no longer required to print their invoices before signing them. The digital invoice is therefore totally different from the simple paper invoice which must be scanned before sending. Electronic invoicing therefore means all billing, modification, sending invoices via email. The different steps are then dematerialized so that the billing is defined as digital.

The fact of affixing a electronic signature of the invoice it is governed by various rules to have legal value and above all to guarantee the integrity of the signatory.

To be fully valid, the digital invoice must follow the following rules:

  • Ensure the identity of the signer. The latter can be a natural or legal person.
  • Guarantee the integrity of the content so that no one can change it.
  • Be legible during all stages of the document’s life, from its issuance to its destruction.

This document also claims to be implemented respecting the same obligations as the paper invoice. The electronic invoice must then be composed of several elements such as the invoice number, the date, the VAT number and the rate, the quantity of the product or service as well as the price.

Why choose e-invoicing?

The electronic invoice represents the best solution in the context of dematerialisation of documents in a specific company. For the invoice to be considered electronic, all stages of its implementation must be dematerialized. There are many reasons for choosing to use e-invoicing.

When we talk about digital invoices, we think directly of the fact that the company no longer needs to print several documents before signing them. That said, who says less paperwork means saving time and money. Switching to the electronic signature of the invoice therefore allows you to eliminate all the activities related to paper management, which helps you to increase your productivity and above all to have more time to take care of other important activities in your work. Storage is also zero as invoices remain digital and no printing is done.

E-invoicing also helps save money. This is explained by the fact that this solution allows you to reduce the cost of issuing invoices by 50 to 75 percent.

You can also, through electronic invoicing, reduce the environmental impact of invoicing in your company. This then helps you to participate very actively in environmental protection.