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The importance of EAT criteria for SEO | x-3-x

The importance of EAT criteria for SEO

Google EAT was created to protect Internet users from unverified information that could negatively impact their well-being. This algorithm is based on 3 criteria, which must demonstrate the relevance of your site. This article shows the importance of Expertise, Authority and Trust criteria to improve awareness of your website.

The letter « E » for Expertise

AND SEO consultant it will help you improve your website’s reputation in the eyes of internet users by applying the EAT criteria.

When Google developed this algorithm, its only goal was to satisfy Internet users by displaying results corresponding to their queries. For your part, the « Expertise » criterion will push you to demonstrate to search engines, and ultimately readers, that you are an expert in your field. Your website content should be about a topic that is treated as a whole and provides solutions to problems. And the most important thing is that all the information you publish must be reliable, always with the aim of protecting Internet users.

So, to prove, for example, the veracity of your web content, you can share reliable sources. Showing the name of the author of the article, an expert in his field, also allows you to reassure your readers even more. To demonstrate your expertise, it is advisable to build internal links. This technique consists of adding additional information to the topic covered, but not on the same page. Direct readers to another page of the same domain by creating hyperlinks to an article. Furthermore, a quality text must contain a semantic field directly related to the subject matter and exhaustive. All this will allow you to obtain, following the searches of Internet users, a good positioning on search engines.

The letter « A » for Authority

Whoever says authority says recognition from the outside. To measure the authority of your web page, Google is interested in yours backlinksi.e. links pointing to your site. Remember that this is a recommended netlinking strategy to gain awareness on search engines. However, to get the desired backlink results, you need to consider the following points:

  • Partner with a site that offers quality content, probably more popular than yours;
  • Partner with a site that has a good trust rating;
  • Partner up with a site that deals with the same theme.

So, to gain authority, exchange links with authoritative sites themselves.

The letter « T » for Trust or Confidence

The « Trust » criterion especially applies to sites that offer financial transactions such as e-commerce and e-banks. For some consumers, relying on a robot to make payments is unthinkable for fear of losing money. Precisely to guarantee this security, Google has introduced the “Trust” criterion. The latter applies to you if your site collects user data. To complete it, you must clearly detail in the content of your site the policy for the use of personal data of Internet users. This is mostly based on their consent.

Know that trust is not given immediately. She proves herself. To improve your trust score with search engine and internet users:

  • Clarify your cookie policy, files automatically saved on your computer by a site when you browse it;
  • Leave spaces for reviews or comments on your page;

In applying your netlinking strategies, make sure they enable your site to meet the 3 EAT criteria. Their repercussions must be positive for Internet users.