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This is why your business needs a website

Does your company not have a website? Why not? Remember, a website showcases your brand and products 24/7 wherever your customers are. According to a new Sifo survey, nine out of ten consumers search online to find goods or services. But despite this, 44% (!) of Swedish small businesses do not have a website. Let us tell you why your business benefits from a website!

1. You are entering a whole new market

Your website gives you a whole new reach. Forget obstacles such as geographical distance or limited opening hours. With a website, you have the opportunity to influence customers in Sweden and around the world. All they have to do is find your website. Why limit your business to the local market? Think big, the internet allows you to see one continent as your market. The network also offers you the possibility of structuring your market, i.e. you can address your message directly to your target group. You can divide the market by gender, age, profession or place of residence. In other words, you can tailor your website to reach exactly the target group you are interested in!

2. Your business is perceived as professional

A business that does not have an internet presence may report that it is outdated and does not take its business seriously. However, if you have a website, you can give your visitors the image of a modern and successful company. An attractive website is crucial to the perception of your business. Take advantage of this opportunity!

3. You don’t need opening hours

Your website is available 24/7 like our site Tunisian developer . Unlike an office, for example, it has no office hours. Think of your website as a hangout where your customers can come when they want and have time. A website doesn’t sleep or go on vacation, it represents and presents you and your brand even when you’re not available.

4. You can strengthen your brand and become a sharper competitor

Did you know that your competitors can buy search ads about your brand? Don’t let anyone else steal your traffic and sales! If you don’t have a website, your competitors can easily outwit you by telling your customers why they should choose them. They might even embarrass you by making it look like your business doesn’t really exist! Plus, the size of your business is almost irrelevant online.

5. You have the ability to communicate with your customers

Use your website to communicate with your customers. Present offers, news and other important information. Unlike print, your website is easy to edit and style, so it’s always up to date.

6. You can showcase your products in a whole new way

With a website, you have the ability to showcase your business and what you’re passionate about to a large audience. For example, if you have an auto shop, you can show customers different projects you’ve made. Imagine a customer who is looking for a really good mechanic and wants to see exactly what you do. Congratulations, you may have just convinced a new client that you are the best choice!

7. Save money

If you run a small business, you may think you can’t afford a website. But the truth is the opposite, you can’t afford not to have a website. Compare the cost of your website to what you spend on newspaper ads, flyers, or other advertising materials. You will see that your website is profitable marketing in the long run, without you having to put any effort into it. If you also look at the size of the market you can reach through the website, the cost has been amortized many times over.